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please do not post single image threads with no content, dump threads need a minimum of 5 images.
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Check out the comfy board if you'd like. We now have a /tech/!
File: microchan_greeting.png (47 KB, 386x370)
Hello. Please come check out my new, comfy imageboard. Thank you :)
File: billy.png (29 KB, 222x485)
Hey guys!
Check out my imageboard
It's called 600chan
It has a /b/ board!!!!

It's also better than 4chan and 8chan combined

(Plz visit my website, no one goes there...)


Tor: http://6ooch3fco3srmzuls2zg2so4sgr72cj7t4hwqlhjannnemf5y55fymad.onion/
One More ChanImageBoard
Beta test


test lapischan.

File: tumblr_o81ud0iZLj1s076u4o1_1280.png (1179 KB, 1280x1718)
bump for miku
Miku for bump!
File: miku_binder.png (1049 KB, 1280x960)
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