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>no bluetext
<wtf feikki bluetext got merged
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Jebus karai, how hard is it to have the website auto-update on tags?
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<blotesc mayt

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Ebin board, better than ylis :D

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>no line breaks
wow, these two really slow the loading down
I think you should first gather the unqiue quotes, so >>10>>10>>10 yield a single query, and only after checking up which posts do exist, continue with the actual linking
the current implementation is suboptimal
actually, a better idea would be to keep a list of alive posts and update it when new posts are made and when they are removed
then the lookups could be done without database queries at all
database queries are slow
>Be me
>Go to Gamestop
>Get Shovel Knight
>Get Game and Wario
>Get Yoshi Amiibo
>Go to clerk
>Realize that you don't have enough money for everything
>F**king Gamestop!
>Get rid of one of the games
>Still not enough money
>Seriously! F**king Gamestop!
>Get rid of the other game
>Enough money now
>You think to yourself:
>"I love Gamestop."
Cool thread. So interesting.

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Why is there so many fifthy Russian hackers here?
i have no idea but the delete is broken in /a/
Who cares?

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no, thanks

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