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>Be in school.
>Cute girl in front of me.
>I drop my pencil.
>She picks it up for me.
>I say to her:
>"Thank you."
>"Y-you're welcome," she says shyly.
>Later during lunchtime:
>I sit alone eating my chicken alfred.
>Then she sits in front of me with pepperoni pizza pie.
>We then talk about what we have been doing.
>She tells me an embarrassing secret about when she dropped her spaghetti on the floor.
>The crowd goes, "OOOOOOOOO"
>I ask her:
>"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?"
>Her palms are sweaty.
>Knees weak, arms are heavy.
>It's falling out of her pockets already:
>I grab all my breadsticks and put it in a Ziploc bag.
>I grab my alfredo pasta and put it in another bag.
>I say to her:
>"Sorry for the inconvenience, madam."
>"It's not your fault, Anon," she tells me, "I just couldn't handle my secret."
>We say goodbye and I walk away as the crowd laughs at her.
>Later when I get home:
>Mom asks how school was.
>"11/10 It was okay," I answer.
>Mom then tells me that she raised the price of tendies from 50 good boy points to 100.
>My older brother hears the news and gets enraged.
>He comes upstairs and shouts at her.
>I put my lunch in the fridge and go upstairs to my room.
>Dad takes away my brother's waifu pillow, his anime bobblehead collection, his posters of his waifu, his TV, and his computer.
>He then sends my brother downstairs to his room.
>Meanwhile in my room that night, I watch Nyan Cat on my computer with my fluffy pony on my lap.
>Suddenly, Mom opens my door.
>My pony hops off my lap exits out the door.
>"Anon, are you okay?" asks Mom. "I have a burger and fries out for you in case you get hungry."
>I accept the meal and eat it in peace and quiet.
>I then return the empty bag, the fry box, and the burger wrapper to Mom.
>When I get in bed, my older sister slides out from under my bed and looks over to me.
>"Hey, Anon," she says to me in a lusty voice.
>"Femnon," I ask her. "What are you doing here?"
>My sister Femnon answers, "You know, I've been bored so lately, so I've been waiting for you in your room."
>She sits on my bed and asks me, "Would you like to have a good night with me, baby brother?"
>I feel very nervous, but start to say, "Umm..."
>Then she says, "I thought so," takes her clothes off, and starts making out with me.
>I want it to stop, but I just go with it, and wrap my arms around her.

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