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File: 1543367 - World_of_Warcra(...).gif (3749 KB, 853x480)
Paska :D Pissa :D Pornolehti :D

File: gold_llama.gif (1 KB, 18x18)
>Be in school.
>Cute girl in front of me.
>I drop my pencil.
>She picks it up for me.
>I say to her:
>"Thank you."
>"Y-you're welcome," she says shyly.
>Later during lunchtime:
>I sit alone eating my chicken alfred.
>Then she sits in front of me with pepperoni pizza pie.
>We then talk about what we have been doing.
>She tells me an embarrassing secret about when she dropped her spaghetti on the floor.
>The crowd goes, "OOOOOOOOO"
>I ask her:
>"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?"
>Her palms are sweaty.
>Knees weak, arms are heavy.
>It's falling out of her pockets already:
>I grab all my breadsticks and put it in a Ziploc bag.
>I grab my alfredo pasta and put it in another bag.
>I say to her:
>"Sorry for the inconvenience, madam."
>"It's not your fault, Anon," she tells me, "I just couldn't handle my secret."
>We say goodbye and I walk away as the crowd laughs at her.
>Later when I get home:
>Mom asks how school was.
>"11/10 It was okay," I answer.
>Mom then tells me that she raised the price of tendies from 50 good boy points to 100.
>My older brother hears the news and gets enraged.
>He comes upstairs and shouts at her.
>I put my lunch in the fridge and go upstairs to my room.
>Dad takes away my brother's waifu pillow, his anime bobblehead collection, his posters of his waifu, his TV, and his computer.
>He then sends my brother downstairs to his room.
>Meanwhile in my room that night, I watch Nyan Cat on my computer with my fluffy pony on my lap.
>Suddenly, Mom opens my door.
>My pony hops off my lap exits out the door.
>"Anon, are you okay?" asks Mom. "I have a burger and fries out for you in case you get hungry."
>I accept the meal and eat it in peace and quiet.
>I then return the empty bag, the fry box, and the burger wrapper to Mom.
>When I get in bed, my older sister slides out from under my bed and looks over to me.
>"Hey, Anon," she says to me in a lusty voice.
>"Femnon," I ask her. "What are you doing here?"
>My sister Femnon answers, "You know, I've been bored so lately, so I've been waiting for you in your room."
>She sits on my bed and asks me, "Would you like to have a good night with me, baby brother?"
>I feel very nervous, but start to say, "Umm..."
>Then she says, "I thought so," takes her clothes off, and starts making out with me.
>I want it to stop, but I just go with it, and wrap my arms around her.

File: 12190956_1015315381592834(...).jpg (28 KB, 720x720)
holo? more like homo xddd

File: onionman.jpg (173 KB, 1500x1500)
>onion man
hahaha onion man
Do you know the onion man,
the onion man, the onion man?
Do you know the onion man
who lives outside Shrek's swamp?

File: comment_CxAMOtJnLVp7u1mZK(...).jpg (2337 KB, 1936x1936)

File: 1419241456448965080.jpg (166 KB, 1440x1408)
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>no line breaks
wow, these two really slow the loading down
I think you should first gather the unqiue quotes, so >>10>>10>>10 yield a single query, and only after checking up which posts do exist, continue with the actual linking
the current implementation is suboptimal
actually, a better idea would be to keep a list of alive posts and update it when new posts are made and when they are removed
then the lookups could be done without database queries at all
database queries are slow
>Be me
>Go to Gamestop
>Get Shovel Knight
>Get Game and Wario
>Get Yoshi Amiibo
>Go to clerk
>Realize that you don't have enough money for everything
>F**king Gamestop!
>Get rid of one of the games
>Still not enough money
>Seriously! F**king Gamestop!
>Get rid of the other game
>Enough money now
>You think to yourself:
>"I love Gamestop."

File: koire.jpg (66 KB, 519x526)
Ebin board, better than ylis :D

File: proof.png (86 KB, 1280x768)
nice try stallman

File: welcome_new_users.png (5577 KB, 1288x11984)
sm forums got shaken up a bit

File: 1z2es2a.jpg (13 KB, 400x286)
>no bluetext
<wtf feikki bluetext got merged
File: physicalworld-avatar-classic.png (29 KB, 400x400)
Jebus karai, how hard is it to have the website auto-update on tags?
File: dont_stall_man.png (7161 KB, 2162x2162)
<blotesc mayt

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