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File: Love-game-logo-256x256.png (12 KB, 256x256)
Let's get this party started! Please read the rules before posting, etc.
File: 1452802415531.png (127 KB, 497x448)
>Services you should use
Throw your code on hastebin.com or gist.github.com or nobody will help you
Use GitHub for things that need to last more than a short while. No bitching.

>Useful (free!) programs
Blender - blender.org
Krita - krita.org
Atom - atom.io

#love on irc.oftc.net. If you aren't there, we're already laughing at you behind your back and talking shit about your waifu.
According to some, Zerobrane is also a pretty great Lua IDE. Check it out too!
/love/ -> /lua/

enjoy your newfound freedoms

File: 1 (1394).jpg (176 KB, 800x845)
Is this imageboard really made with Lua? based if true.
There seems to be no captcha? that screams botted spam
yup, made with Lua! check the GitHub link in the footer!

Bot spam stuff will come Soon(tm)!
Me again, 4 months later, how is the development going?
I've been slowly reworking the code to be much cleaner and run off an api so i can support other clients in the future~

File: 1513228265601.png (307 KB, 480x454)
Should I?
probably yes
Sure! I just updated it to run in Docker so it shoudl be WAY easier to set up now. I knwo the code is pretty messy, I am hoping to sit down and clean it up now that I have a better understanding of Lapis.

Short term wants is to make the code cleaner and less buggy, long term I want lapchan to run on a RESTful API.

File: Screenshot from 2017-10-1(...).png (10 KB, 284x121)
and i had never heard of this until doing a bit of research.

honestly, this place is pretty comfy.
what happend to lunaboards, it seems down

File: 1342947935779.png (1336 KB, 3779x4125)
s-s-so... how do i learn lua?!!

by making things in lua

i recommend the love2d wiki as a starting point they have a lot of good stuff https://love2d.org/wiki

File: Untitled.png (22 KB, 1914x1431)

File: wxlualogo.png (27 KB, 128x128)
check out wxLua its p cool
I want to know why this damn thing isn't in luarocks, it makes life much more difficult than it should be.
I dunno maybe compatibility issues, its based on wx which is also stand alone so yeah
time clock I wrote :3
File: dj.gif (1006 KB, 303x216)
My clock doesn't tell time. BUT I DON'T NEED THAT SHIZZ!

File: tumblr_nw7xhlwJSJ1so2yzzo1_1280.png (154 KB, 640x1000)
12 posts and 7 files omitted. Click here to view.
File: Love2d.png (540 KB, 2000x2000)
You mean like this?
this is awesome - where's her flat sidekick you promised! <3
doing god's work, son
File: !!!.png (91 KB, 949x698)

File: 5b6.jpg (31 KB, 600x480)
>love board
>no pico8 board
who even uses pico8
indie retro tryhards
File: pico-8 gameplay.gif (171 KB, 269x173)
>pic related
nice, yours?

File: anime-girl-at-computer-1.jpg (13 KB, 316x237)
[code] ..... ..
.H8888888x. '`+ < .z@8"`
:888888888888x. ! x. . !@88E
8~ `"*88888888" .@88k z88u . '888E u
! . `f"""" ~"8888 ^8888 .udR88N 888E u@8NL
~:...-` :8L <)88: 8888 888R <888'888k 888E`"88*"
. :888:>X88! 8888 888R 9888 'Y" 888E .dN.
:~"88x 48888X ^` 8888 888R 9888 888E~8888
< :888k'88888X 8888 ,888B . 9888 888E '888&
d8888f '88888X "8888Y 8888" ?8888u../ 888E 9888.
:8888! ?8888> `Y" 'YP "8888P' '"888*" 4888"
X888! 8888~ "P' "" ""
'888 X88f

Fuck now has a lua implementation. This is the official lapchan thread!


Questions? Comments? Rude gestures? I'm here!

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