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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lapis-chan?
  2. What is Lapchan?
  3. What should I know before posting?
  4. What are the basics?
  5. How do I post anonymously?
  6. Do I have to post an image?
  7. How do I quote a post?
  8. What is a tripcode?
  9. Can I mark an image as a spoiler?
  10. What are post options?
  11. How can I interact with posts?
  12. What types of boards are supported?

What is Lapis-chan?

Lapis-chan is an open source imageboard web application written in Lua using the Lapis web framework.

What is Lapchan?

Lapchan is a website that runs the latest version of Lapis-chan. It is both used as a small community and a testing platform for new and experimental features.

What Should I Know Before Posting?

Before posting, you should read the rules for whichever board you want to post in. If you break the rules, your post may be deleted and you may also earn yourself a temporary or permanent ban from the board or entire website. Please read the rules!

What are the Basics?

In general, "blue" boards are considered safe for work (SFW) and "red" boards are considered not safe for work (NSFW). The definition of work-safety is often loose, but in general it means there shouldn't be any direct pornographic material on a blue board. This may differ from site to site, but Lapis-chan by default offers blue and red themes that are nearly identical to 4chan's themes. New themes are expected in later releases.

It is also worth noting that chan culture can be both friendly and abrasive. More often than not, users will be posting anonymously and are able to speak freely because if this. Be prepared for the best and worst of society when interacting with others in an anonymous forum.

How Do I Post Anonymously?

By default, all users are anonymous to each other. By leaving the "Name" field empty in a post, your name will simply be fille din with the board's default name. Identifiable information such as your IP address is recorded to the Lapis-chan database when you post for legal reasons, but all posts are permanently purged after some time unless otherwise noted, including your IP address and any other information attached to your post.

Do I Have to Post an Image?

Some boards require you to post an image or a comment, others do not. By default, Lapis-chan will place "(Required)" in or near a field that requires data. Currently, Lapis-chan's only optionally required data include a comment and an image.

How Do I Quote a Post?

To quote (and link to) another post, simply type ">>" followed by the post number (e.g. >>2808). To quote a post that is on a different board, You must type ">>>" follow by a slash, the short-name of the board, another slash, and then the post number (e.g. >>>/a/2808).

What is a Tripcode?

A tripcode is a uniquely identifiable hash attached to the end of your name, or in lieu of a name. It is a completely optional feature that allows users to de-anonymize if they so choose. Some boards benefit from de-anonymization such as content-creation boards where being named can help get your content seen and recognized.

Tripcodes come in two sizes: insecure and secure. Insecure tripcodes use a weak hashing method that allows users to game the algorithm to generate a hash that reads out something similar to what they want. A secure tripcode uses a very secure hashing algorithm and a server-specific secret token that is not gameable, but also significantly more difficult to impersonate.

To use an insecure tripcode, place a hash ("#") sign at the end of your name (or leave a name out entirely) and type your password after the hash. To use a secure tripcode, simply use two hashes instead of one (e.g. lapchan#insecure, lapchan##secure, #nameless, ##nameless).

Can I Mark an Image as a Spoiler?

Yes. When you upload an image, there should be a check box beside the file input field. Checking that box will replace the thumbnail of your image with a spoiler image.

You can also tag text within your post as a spoiler by writing your text with [spoiler]a spoiler tag[/spoiler].

What Are Post Options?

Post options are optional features you can use to modify how your post affects the thread or board you are posting in. To apply an options, simply type the option code into the options field in your post. Currently, the options available include:

How Can I Interact With Posts?

To interact with a post, click on the menu icon ("▶") on the left of the post. The menu currently has the following interactions:

What Types of Boards are Supported?

Lapis-chan has several different types of boards with more planned in the future. Currently, Lapis-chan supports the following boards:

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