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get that creepy shit out of here spambots i am sick of deleting it all the time

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File: 2016-03-12_hackadoll1.png (237 KB, 600x800)
<hackadolls can advance anything!
<even lapchan
I wish to be the little hacka doll.
File: 2016-03-19_hackadoll3.png (383 KB, 600x800)
I kinda like working with cel colors they are nice

contrast is pretty low though, I need to use a harder brush probably
trapadoll #3 has advanced me
that needs more butts
File: 2016-04-04_no3.png (232 KB, 600x800)
super fast #3 before I get some sleep
File: 2016-05-02_no3.png (237 KB, 600x800)

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