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get that creepy shit out of here spambots i am sick of deleting it all the time

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File: Screenshot from 2016-02-0(...).png (293 KB, 693x871)
murakumo thread

I've been up working on this since 3am
File: Screenshot from 2016-02-0(...).png (238 KB, 702x829)
color corrected, dunno how I did that to my black levels to begin with.
File: Screenshot from 2016-02-0(...).png (220 KB, 706x806)
now with deets.

just missing the shoulder tassels, but I want to do the rig first because of how those are.
File: CafH1NmUUAAexlO.png (271 KB, 975x564)
if I could animate worth a fuck, she'd be able to walk right about now. basic rig is done.
File: Screenshot from 2016-02-0(...).png (381 KB, 538x814)
getting there

still need the tassel things for the shoulders, then corrective keys and fixing weighting problems...

I also really feel like I need something in the background, or something for her to hold.
File: fixeyes.png (125 KB, 671x263)
So I was trying to figure out why this character looks so odd, so I pulled out a sample to check for uniform facial features, and sure enough, it looks like the eyes are way too high! Check this out and tell me what you think holo
I already fixed that in >>78
I dunno man, still feels high
any lower doesn't look right, but I'll mess with it
File: mura-s3d.png (1102 KB, 1464x1042)
cross eyed stereo 3d for shits & giggles

no other changes.
File: mura-s3d-thin.png (709 KB, 910x1042)
thinner ver
File: mura-s3d-v2.png (746 KB, 910x1042)
revised with a more pronounced 3d effect.

I wouldn't have to repost these so much if people on irc actually told me when something isn't visible
Posted in T-pose on blendswap for anyone interested.

Dunno when it'll get out of the moderation queue though.

File: 09AGX89.png (169 KB, 626x531)
that escalated quickly
What the fuck dude.
yeah, can you believe that aliasing? seriously man, AA that shit.
File: cgLmCjF.png (512 KB, 1414x988)
File: 2016-02-15-00:41:16-screenshot.png (1062 KB, 1920x1080)
File: 2016-02-15-00:45:22-screenshot.png (1136 KB, 1920x1080)
wow lewd
this thread went from cool to amazing really fast haha

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