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get that creepy shit out of here spambots i am sick of deleting it all the time

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i'm making a game

if anyone thinks they can contribute to making this game, let me know, it's all hands on deck

if you want to know more information i can also talk about that
Tell us more!
nice game i hope to hear more from it also this is surely not just me pumping wtf happen to my english pls help someone
what would you like to know, #12

well #13 it doesn't quite talk yet, the vocal synthesizer for kinzo is currently under legal debate before i can add that one in, but i hope to see kinzo dancing with hatsune miku soon

lol nice one troll (#14)
use >>'s, it makes tracking conversations easier.
Whatever you want to tell us! What is the game about? What genre? How do you learn more about joining the team or contributing?
File: 1452577157928.jpg (9 KB, 480x320)
don't do that.

well the entire game's plot is actually a lie at the end, but the main goal is to stop these motherfuckers called "glitch kings" since the game is actually a VR simulation (but the main character doesn't know that), so he knows nothing about what's going on

it's a platformer but guess what there's some actual effort put into it and there's gonna be something for everyone:
>you can explore the levels to find all kinds of goodies, such as power packs to restore HP in a pinch, chaos orbs that can power you up to keep the pace going and the action awesome, and lots of other stuff
>you can head into champion halls to learn more about the environment around you and why you're here
>the game's non-linear and encourages replayability in order to keep the experience light, fun, and jam-packed with radicality
>dat art though

as for joining the team we run an irc channel on irc.oftc.net #rodeo, or just shoot me an email at admin@nekuzenteam.org if you have any personal questions at the moment, etc

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