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get that creepy shit out of here spambots i am sick of deleting it all the time

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Discuss all things development here! This includes, but is not limited to:

* Game development
* Web development
* Mobile development
* Software development

Feel free to fight about vim vs emacs or wh...

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finally i was able to made a docker image for openresty and lapis, but that not is why i'm here. I'm asking for recommendations. I always been a vscode user, but now I want to use vim since the etlua extension doesn't work anymore in v...

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I COMPILED A IOS App in Linux via terminal no XCODE: took me forever to figure it out

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>highly extensible with lua
>basically vscode without the bloat
why aren't you using best editor yet, anon?

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I do not know how to Lua. Where to start? Please help.

R: 5 / F: 4
Greetings from monstrochan.: Sorry for the english is not my native language, I just come to do some tests but I must confess that your project seems very interesting, I found it casually looking for resources for love2d, pity that godaddy has such a poor support for lua, it wou...

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some gay!

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/myon/ progress thread: we vr now

I've been making a non-combat-focused multiplayer vr rpg in my own engine. I've been doing mostly ground work up until now, next up I need to put work into concept art for world & ch...

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