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File: devenv_2016-11-05_19-16-23.png (805 KB, 1280x720)
we vr now

I've been making a non-combat-focused multiplayer vr rpg in my own engine. I've been doing mostly ground work up until now, next up I need to put work into concept art for world & characters and work on room scale + oculus touch support.

builds coming when it's a game and not a tech demo
File: devenv_2016-12-19_07-02-30.png (808 KB, 1280x720)
something other than flat ground to look at finally, although still not much
File: Screenshot from 2017-05-0(...).png (181 KB, 1708x960)
I got cascaded shadow maps working also rewrote like everything since last update
File: Screenshot from 2017-05-0(...).png (326 KB, 1708x960)
& improved the time of day system, it has seasons now
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