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File: Russia_Bayonets_the_Nazi_(...).jpg (75 KB, 503x705)
need way to delete posts with password
Why? There is already a password mechanism built in that is handled for you.

is it an option? Or are passwords just disabled on all boards?

File: 11056725_1010124531417744(...).jpg (34 KB, 480x480)
Why can't we post .love files?

That should be a thing on /lua/ for sure.
That's not a bad idea. I do have a file type white list currently but no mechanism to handle non-image files. I'll look into that (file an issue pls)

File: 2159877b22ea138336e6b1b48(...).gif (466 KB, 500x281)
/2/ + /3/ -> /cr/ - Creative
nuke /b/, it's shit, and shitposting isn't desirable.
/pc/ -> /a/ - Animu & Mango
/love/ -> /dev/ - Gamedev (we can just have focus on love)
/meta/ is fine as-is.

side effect: boards are all blues, maybe we should just not have a board-level distinction for now and go with SFW-but-spoiler-lewd-things as a global rule, maybe support tagging a thread as lewd to auto-spoiler things for users who haven't set some kind of [show lewd things] setting?
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per suggestion I'm going to change /love/ to /lua/ for now but I still think a more broad /dev/ is a good idea.
File: 8b789263b71cfaa5298068fb5(...).jpg (105 KB, 468x373)
okay, I've changed following boards:

/a/ - Animu & Mango
/b/ - Random (now in group 1)
/cr/ - Creative (converted from /2/)

/lua/ - Lua programming (converted from /love/)

I removed "SFW + Spoiler lewd things" from specific mentions because that's really a global rule.
accidentally some words. /a/ is converted from /pc/
File: 1450557909887.jpg (425 KB, 1477x2000)
I made it better

File: S-[kdfss] Himouto! Umaru-(...).png (2651 KB, 1280x720)
I find the character limit to be too small for my copypasta needs. Also there's no indication that there's even a limit whatsoever so it was kind of a surprise.
What sort of size limit do you think would be best? It is currently set to 4096 characters but I am definitely open to increasing it.
File: 9b4991a5fe934bda9731e0ce3(...).png (737 KB, 2700x3000)
4096 is pretty low, should be more like 10000
Yeah, I can add that in the next release. Is 10k enough, or should it be more?

File: slopscreen-2016-01-25101107.png (55 KB, 947x432)
fix pls crash
not until you explain what you actually did to cause it.
not sure
my name and options were "wat"*100
post was empty
file was empty
and i was replying to >>9999
That crash happens when you are trying to pull a specific post out of the db, and your url has some data that claims to be a thread id.


if /thread/$THREAD exists and is not a valid post id, it throws this error.

What was the URL in your address bar when you were trying to post?

File: cga4m4hi-avatar.png (236 KB, 1600x1600)
Issue: admins delete your posts.

Repro: Put in a long solid word and post it in a thread so it goes off the screen and adds a horizontal scroll bar, and wait until an admin deletes the post

Workaround: kick admin
Don't be a wanker. :P
File: 1451021762949.png (487 KB, 829x720)

actual finnish follows:

<The longest non-compound (a single stem with prefixes and suffixes) Finnish word recognised by the Guinness Book of Records is epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänköhän (see also Agglutination#Extremes), based on the stem järki (reason, sanity), and it means: I wonder if – even with his/her quality of not having been made unsystematized

just testing

File: 1451708131361.jpg (126 KB, 1309x715)
Shouldn't the GitHub be linked in the footer or the FAQ, not just here?
Not a bad idea. I'll add the GitHub link to the footer in the next release.

File: yuyuyu itsuki everything (...).jpg (87 KB, 698x840)
If you try to post in a non-existent thread, shit will crash yo.
how the hell do you even try to do that
File: 1277045560669.jpg (31 KB, 350x194)
If a thread is deleted and you try to post in it.

File: everything_i_do_is_perfect.png (221 KB, 450x470)
there are no other boards
File: sinking in a sea of shit.png (36 KB, 288x214)
Needs >>>/i/ at least.

And >>>/a/.
File: jtZM3D9KbBsmpIu1VqQotmHDX(...).jpg (50 KB, 532x577)
i recommend a /ballpit board
Working on it!

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