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File: 1451708131361.jpg (126 KB, 1309x715)
Shouldn't the GitHub be linked in the footer or the FAQ, not just here?
Not a bad idea. I'll add the GitHub link to the footer in the next release.

File: yuyuyu itsuki everything (...).jpg (87 KB, 698x840)
If you try to post in a non-existent thread, shit will crash yo.
how the hell do you even try to do that
File: 1277045560669.jpg (31 KB, 350x194)
If a thread is deleted and you try to post in it.

File: everything_i_do_is_perfect.png (221 KB, 450x470)
there are no other boards
File: sinking in a sea of shit.png (36 KB, 288x214)
Needs >>>/i/ at least.

And >>>/a/.
File: jtZM3D9KbBsmpIu1VqQotmHDX(...).jpg (50 KB, 532x577)
i recommend a /ballpit board
Working on it!

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